ttelo1.gif (1393 bytes) LAPAROSCOPY  IN  UROLOGY

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Non-Laparo Procedures  


Surgical Steps



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Clipping of Renal Artery

artery divided(9562 bytes)The dissection is in the plain within the Gerotas fascia , for simple nephrectomy. The kidney is lifted anteriorly to expose the hilum posteriorly. By blunt dessection the renal artery is exposed. It is then clipped and cut between 6 clips.

Clipping of Renal Vein
Veins divided(10253 bytes)

The renal vein is similarly clipped and incised between 6 clips.

Clipping the Ureter

ureter divided(9984 bytes)By this time the ureter would have been completely exposed. It is dissected further and cut between clips.
The adrenal is then dissected off the superior pole using the hook cautery.

Extraction of the kidney

Extraction of kidney(12161 bytes)Kidney specimen(11200 bytes)The kidney with the thin cortex is then teased out through the 1st port site


The final appearance 

Final appearance (10265 bytes)At the end of surgery only 3 port wounds are seen. So remarkably different from and open nephrectomy wound. At discharge, the patient is on a normal diet from the 1st post operative day and is home on the 5th, fully mobile and without any kind of analgesia!
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