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Undescended intra-abdominal testis is better treated by laparoscopic archidopexy rather than by open orchidopexy. Laparoscopy enables accurate localisation of the testis as well as atraumatic mobilisation of the testis. This is possible due to the superior access & as well as the the x10-15 magnification made possible by laparoscopy. I prefer to time the procedure as soon as the child is 10KG weight after the child is one year old. The procedure is peferably done before the child is 2 years.

PROCEDURE Click here for video

 Position & Ports Position(9208 bytes)

Supine with catheter. Table tilted to displace intestines .
The 10mm umbilical port is placed by an open technique. Two 5 mm ports are placed on either side of the umbilicus.

Testis:Peeping testis(8482 bytes)

The testis is seen peeping through the internal ring. The opposite internal ring is inspected to rule out associated hernia.

Dissection: lateral incision (9769 bytes)

On the lateral side, the peritoneum is cut from lateral to the inferior ep. art. and extended lateral to the testicular vessels, down to caecum.


medial icncision (9886 bytes)Medially, the peritoneal incision is extended from the inf. to the bladder, above and parallel to the vas.

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